Best and fastes game servers all over the europe
Packages and complete offers of gaming servers hosting are coming soon. Gaming servers hosting is temporarily available only after prior arrangement with one of our salesmen. We can make you a customized gaming server hosting offer, depending on your wishes and needs.

We host dedicated gaming servers in Germany and in Slovenia. All servers contain only components from the manufacturers of top quality. Internet connection is provided by redundant connections with the most optimal connectivity in the wide area, as well as in the local area.

Please, contact us for more information.

Company info
Elitek d.o.o.
Prade cesta XV / 21
6000 Koper

email: info@eliteplaying.com
Last news
High price reductions for game servers
Everywhere prices rise but we managed to lower them. We have prepared new game server packages with very affordable prices. Our prices are now more worldwide competitive, if not the most.

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